What is the fixed rate in state currency?

For example, if you want to send EUR using the SEPA Transfer payment system, there will be a fixed network fee of 5 EUR. The specified fee is deducted from the transfer amount.

Toggle off “Display amount with fee” — shows the payment amount without the fee included.

The amount indicated in the withdrawal form, namely 1000 EUR, will have the fixed rate in national currency deducted from it. After sending the funds, you will receive 995 EUR to your balance.

Toggle on “Display amount with fee” — shows the payment amount with the fee included.

If you want to receive the exact amount of 1000 EUR to your account, you need to subtract the fee amount from the transfer amount. Therefore, you should send 1005 EUR, and, with the fees included, you will receive 1000 EUR to your balance.

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