We’ve launched the Whitechain network Testnet

What is a Testnet on the Whitechain network?

A Testnet is an instance of the blockchain (you can learn more about blockchain and everything related to it on our blog) that works similarly to the Mainnet and can be used for testing and experimentation without risk to the funds or the Mainnet. The testnet coins differ from the Mainnet coins in that they have no value and can only be used for testing purposes.

The Whitechain test network was launched on 31 March 2023. In the first few days, the blockchain test network had already: 

  • over 1 600 000 blocks extracted; 
  • more than 21 500 000 transactions; 
  • more than 1 190 000 test coins have been distributed.

This was the first step towards moving to our own Whitechain blockchain, which you can read more about in our WBT White Paper. For our users, this is a new opportunity in a secure and transparent blockchain system where transactions will be fast and cheap. Moreover, our own blockchain allows us to provide new services and expand the functionality of the exchange. 

Users can already take part in our SoulDrop, a system that regularly rewards its members in the form of WBT depending on how much WBT they hold. Also, you can read more about the entire WB Soul ecosystem in detail in our article at this link or in our White Paper.

Bug Bounty

The WhiteBIT exchange is committed to creating a safe, secure and advanced blockchain for all users of the network, so a Bug Bounty programme has been created to find bugs and vulnerabilities in Testnet and the Whitechain Explorer. 

By participating in this programme, you can help our team fix bugs and be rewarded up to $10,000. 

Learn more about how to participate in Bug Bounty:

  1. Read the terms and conditions and rules of the programme at this link;
  2. Research and look for bugs in Testnet and Whitechain Explorer;
  3. If you find possible bugs, let us know via the form on the Bug Bounty page. WhiteBIT will then check the report and if the information is confirmed, you will receive your prize according to our reward system.

The amount of reward is determined depending on the level of criticality of the bug if:

  • You were the first to report the problem; 
  • Our experts confirmed that the bug exists by checking your report against the specified playback steps; 
  • WhiteBIT has made code or configuration changes based on your report.

Please note: WhiteBIT independently determines the risk level for each reported bug after thoroughly verifying and confirming the existence of the bug or vulnerability.


Can I get WBT test coins and how do I do it?

Yes, of course! You can read about how to get WBT test coins in detail in our article at the link.


How to connect MetaMask wallet to the test network?

To connect the test network to your MetaMask wallet, follow the simple instructions in our article at the link.


In case of any questions related to the functionality of our exchange, you can:

  • Leave a request on our website;
  • Write to the support email: support@whitebit.com;
  • Write to the chat using the button in the lower right corner of the screen (in the WhiteBIT app, go to “Account”—“Support” in the upper left corner).

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