How to Set up Price Alerts in the App?

Price alerts help you track changes in digital asset prices in the market. You can set up notifications when the price reaches a certain value, as well as the frequency of these notifications.

The maximum number of active alerts is 50 for all trading pairs.

How to Set up Price Alerts?

Select a trading pair in the “Markets” section. In the trading terminal of the selected pair, you will see an alarm icon in the upper corner to the right of the trading pair — this is the “Alerts” section.

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Enable notifications for our app on your device to stay informed about price changes.

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Click on “Add Alert”, select the frequency of the alert and its type, and set the price value.

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Press “Create.”

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You will find all created alerts in the same section, where you can also delete them or add new ones.

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Let’s Take a Closer Look at the Types of Alerts

  • “Price reaches” — the price has reached the specified value, increased or dropped.
  • “Lower than” — the price has fallen to the specified value.
  • “Greater than” — the price has increased to the specified value.
  • “Decreased by % in 24h” — the price has fallen by the specified % over the last day.
  • “Increased by % in 24h” — the price has increased by the specified % over the last day.

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Alert Frequency

  • “Once only” — a one-time notification; after triggering, it is removed from the list of notifications.
  • “Once a day” — the notification is sent once a day if the condition works according to the selected type. Active 90 days.
  • “Always” — the notification is sent whenever the condition works according to the selected type. Active 90 days.

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If you encounter difficulties or have questions about setting up the price notification functionality, please contact our support team. To achieve this, you can:

  • Leave a request on our website; 
  • Email the Support Team at;
  • Chat with us (in the WhiteBIT app, go to "Account" — "Support").

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