How to use a WhiteBIT-card

The virtual WhiteBIT card is a product that you can use anywhere in the world. Detailed instructions on how to get it are available on this page. If you have already got a WhiteBIT card, this article will be useful for understanding all the aspects of using it.


You can manage your WhiteBIT card directly on the card page, where you can find basic information, including balance, available currencies, and tariff plan. On the same page, you can deposit or withdraw funds, change the plan, and block or unblock the card.


The card balance on WhiteBIT is synchronized with PayUnicard. The total balance is displayed in the currency that is selected as the main currency for the card. If there is more than one currency on the balance, their total equivalent in the main currency will be displayed. When you add a second card, the total balance for both cards will be displayed in the same way.

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Change the card name

There are no limits for changing the card name. To do this, click on the pencil icon next to the card, enter the new name in the new window, and confirm the change. 

Important: renaming the card on WhiteBIT does not affect the card name on PayUnicard.

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Blocking the card

If you need to block the card, use the corresponding button with the lock icon in the name field and confirm your actions.

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After that, a sign will appear at the top of the page with a warning that it is impossible to make payments with the card. 

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If you have 2 cards added to your account, you can block either one or both of them. At the same time, if only one card is blocked, you can continue to use the second one.

Important: to withdraw WBT from the holding, both cards must be blocked. Also note that if there are funds remaining on the balance of the blocked card, they will not be available for use until the card is unblocked.

Please note that you must have 10 WBT in Holding to unblock the card. Click the “Unblock” button on the right side of the balance window, then “Confirm” in the new window. The lock icon will disappear, and the card will become active again.

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You can top up your WhiteBIT card (in other words, withdraw funds from WhiteBIT to WhiteBIT card) in a few clicks, without entering your card details. Just click on the “Top up Card” button, specify the currency and amount. 

Important: the funds must be on your WhiteBIT account's Main Balance.

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[5349] IMG EN WB Card 10 FINAL CF.png

Click the “Continue” button to confirm the deposit. Specify: 

1. Code from SMS to the number linked to PayUnicard or 2FA from PayUnicard

2. 2FA from your WhiteBIT account. 

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A notification of a successful transfer will appear on the screen.

Please note: there is no fee for card top up.


Withdrawing funds from the card (in other words, depositing to WhiteBIT) works according to the same algorithm as depositing. Just click the “Top up Exchange” button on the card page, select the currency and specify the amount. 

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To confirm the withdrawal, you only need to enter the code from the SMS to the number linked to PayUnicard or 2FA from PayUnicard. The funds will be credited to your WhiteBIT Main Balance.

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Please note: the card withdrawal fee is 0.2%.

Change the tariff plan

This menu can be accessed from the main map page by clicking the “How to upgrade plan” button at the bottom right of the screen. After that, click “Upgrade to Premium” in the new window. 

Important: you can upgrade your card from Standard to Premium, but there is currently no way to downgrade it back to Standard. 

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After clicking “Upgrade to Premium”, you need to confirm your actions. Pay attention to the warning in the new window: 

- If you signed up for an annual plan, the difference (between the cost of Premium and Standard plans) will be charged after you upgrade from the next month;

- If you have a monthly plan, the monthly payment will increase from the next month (up to the cost of the premium). 

[5349] IMG EN WB Card 17 FINAL CF.png

Click “Confirm” and enter the 2FA code from your WhiteBIT account.

You will receive a notification about the successful change of the tariff plan, as well as an SMS to the number linked to PayUnicard.

Adding a second card

This option is available only with the Premium plan. You will see a button on the card page. Click it and follow the instructions. In order for the second card to be displayed on the WhiteBIT page after completing all the steps on Payunicard, please log in to your account/reload the page.

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If you haven't found an answer to your questions or are faced with some technical difficulties, you can contact our support team. Please, describe the situation and provide screenshots if possible. To do this, you can:

  • Submit a request on our website;
  • Email the Support Team at;
  • Contact us via live chat by clicking on the button in the bottom right corner of the screen.

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