AML Checks

AML (Anti-Money Laundering) is a set of measures aimed at combating money laundering, countering the financing of terrorism and the financing of weapons of mass destruction.

AML Checks feature is designed to prevent and reduce the possible risks of WhiteBIT engaging in any type of illegal activity. You can learn more about AML and our AML policy here.

Where can you find it?  

AML tab is in the drop-down list of the tab “Products” at the top of the site.


And also at the bottom of the page of our website in the section “Products and Services”.  To go to the tab, click on the tab name — AML

Please note: AML checks are only available for registered and logged-in users.


On this page, you can check the address for involvement in money laundering.

It contains (from top to bottom):

  • The name and the brief description of the service;
  • The fields for choosing a ticker and inputting an address for verification;

In the drop-down list, when you click the “Currency to check” button, you can select the address of the currency wallet you want to check — BTC, LTC, TRX, USDT(ERC20), ETH(ERC20) or BCH.

In the input field called “Address” you need to enter the address that you want to check.

We conduct the check using several world-class providers. 

The fee is fixed — 1 USDT, deducted from your Main balance.

When you enter the address, and you have enough balance for checking, the “Check” button will turn yellow - it means it is active.


Is there a percentage scale to see what a particular percentage means?

We don't have such a scale. We will take it into development when we clearly define what exactly and how we want to describe it.


What is the exact risk score for AML checking for a successful deposit?

The AML verification procedure is complex and is performed by evaluating multiple factors. Any transaction on WhiteBIT is checked by our AML/CFT compliance service. However, the probability of blocking funds is higher when the “sanctions” and “darknet” risk signal is 5% or more.


To learn more about refund procedures of deposits in case of AML blocking, we recommend reading the corresponding article.


How can I get free AML Checks?

You can get free daily AML Checks as one of the benefits of having WBT coin in Holding. The number of free daily checks depends on the amount of WBT.

You can find out about your benefits by clicking on “WBT Ecosystem” at the top of the page and selecting “WBT” or by following this link.


Please note: in order to get 1 free AML Check a day, you need to have a minimum of 200 WBT in Holding.


In case of any questions related to our exchange, you can:

  • Leave a request on our website;
  • Write to the support e-mail:;
  • Write to the chat using the button in the lower right corner of the screen.

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