How to create a crypto wallet?

A cryptocurrency wallet is a platform for storing, sending, and receiving cryptocurrency operating based on cryptographic keys.

Unlike traditional banks, cryptocurrency wallets don’t actually store anything; instead, they encrypt passwords into open and private keys that provide access to your digital assets. 

In this article, we will discuss how to create your own wallet on MetaMask and add the necessary network to it (e.g., Polygon).

How to Make a Crypto Wallet?

Crypto wallet can be used on virtually any platform and device. Hot wallets are connected to the internet, making them accessible from anywhere at any time.

A desktop wallet is a software program installed on your computer, while a mobile wallet is a mobile app that you can use as a convenient tracker and checker of your assets. 

Web wallets are online-based and can be accessed through a web browser. Some popular hot wallets for Ethereum and Ethereum-compatible networks are MetaMask and MyEtherWallet, while Electrum is commonly used for Bitcoin. Additionally, there are multi-currency wallets that support multiple blockchains simultaneously, such as Exodus,, or Trust Wallet. 

Let's try to create a crypto wallet on Metamask.

How to create MetaMask wallet?

  1. In order to start using the wallet, you have to install the browser extension or MetaMask app. Select your device type (computer (browser extension), mobile device (IOS, Android)) and click on the “Install MetaMask” button.


  1. After installing the app/extension, open it, agree to MetaMask's Terms of use and click on the “Create a new wallet” option.


  1. Decide whether you agree to send anonymous data to MetaMask to improve the service (this is optional).


  1. Then, you have to create a strong password consisting of at least 8 characters and press “Create a new wallet”.


  1. Save your Secret Recovery Phrase (SRP) by clicking on the “Secure my wallet”-“Reveal Secret Recovery Phrase” button. It is a series of words automatically generated by your cryptocurrency wallet that provides access to it. Secret Recovery Phrase is also the main mechanism for restoring access to the wallet. You can watch a short video about the SRP and read more information at the bottom of it.


Please note: Do not share Secret Recovery Phrase with the third parties. If you do this, they can control and transfer your assets without your permission!


  1. Once you are sure that you have saved Secret Recovery Phrase, click on the “Next” button to proceed to the next step.


  1. Confirm your Secret Recovery Phrase by entering the missing words in the appropriate fields.


Done! You have created your Metamask wallet.


How to add network to MetaMask wallet?

Metamask allows users to create a wallet on different networks. Let's take a look at how to create a wallet on the Polygon network.

  1. To add a Polygon network, open the MetaMask extension/app and click on the drop-down box in the top left corner.


  1. Press “Add Network” in the pop-up window.


  1. A new tab with a list of networks will open on your device. Find “Polygon Mainnet” in the list and press “Add”.


  1. Confirm the addition of the network by clicking the “Approve” button.


Great! You have added a Polygon network to MetaMask.


Please note: After adding the Polygon network to MetaMask, you will be able to switch between Ethereum and Polygon. To do this, open the network drop-down menu and select the desired blockchain.


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