What is KYC and what is it for?

KYC is the verification of a user, the confirmation of their identity by requesting personal data. It is the abbreviation for “Know Your Customer” or “Know Your Client”.

Before passing identity verification, you can try our Demo Tokens and see how our trading tools work. However, identity verification is required for making any deposits and withdrawals, creating and aсtivating WhiteBIT Codes and using the Buy crypto option.

Also, KYC-verification helps to secure their account and ensure the funds safety. It is worth remembering that online verification indicates the exchange’s reliability. The platform that does not require any data is not liable to you. If you visit a crypto exchange with no identity verification required and hope to buy Bitcoin, take responsibility for possible risks. Besides, identity verification prevents money laundering and financing of terrorism.

For step-by-step instructions on how to pass an identity verification, watch our videos:

Web version - https://youtu.be/jyQkn0RpMJg

Mobile application - https://youtu.be/rx88KqZ8MvI

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