What is Holding, and how does it work?

WhiteBIT exchange users have two ways to benefit from WBT:

  • by keeping coins on the Main Balance (Owning);
  • by blocking coins in Holding.

By choosing Holding, the user locks their coins and cannot make any transactions with them. There are two ways to withdraw WBT from Holding:

  • instant withdrawal with a 10% fee;
  • fee-free withdrawal that takes 14 days.

Coins that are in the process of withdrawal from Holding are not counted in Holding, but will be counted as coins in Owning and will be added to the Main balance when the withdrawal is completed.

However, coins in Holding are still considered as coins in Owning. Users with WBT in Holding will be able to receive all the benefits.

The benefits of coins in Owning:

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WBT Holding provides WhiteBIT users with the following benefits:

  • Increased referral rate. Users who have transferred WBT to Holding get a bigger share of referral fees.
  • Coin holders can enjoy a 100% discount on the maker's fee. The discount will be valid as long as there is enough WBT in Holding.
  • Removal of blockchain fees. Depending on the amount of coins in Holding, holders are entitled to a certain number of free withdrawals of ERC20 and ETH assets per day.
  • Free AML checks. Holders are entitled to daily free AML checks.
  • Rewards Distribution. Every WBT holder has the opportunity to receive a share of all network fees based on the Hold Level of their Soul.

Benefits for blocking coins in Holding:

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