Can I withdraw my funds from Holding?

If you decide to withdraw your WBT funds without waiting for further price swings or after the price has risen, we provide two options for this procedure:

  • Instant withdrawal with 10% fee.
  • Withdrawal within 14 days without fee.


Please note: when withdrawing without fee, coins withdrawn from Holding are counted in Owning and are no longer coins in Holding.


Also, please be sure to consider the following factors:

- Coins that are in the process of being withdrawn from Holding are not counted in Holding, but will be counted as Owning coins and will be added to the Main Balance upon completion of the withdrawal.

- If two factors influence the fees, the most favorable one will be taken into account.

- The Owning/Holding trading fee discount applies only to the standard trading fee (0.1%).

- The trading fee cannot be less than 0%.

- Other promotions may also affect the terms and conditions of the affiliate program.

- WhiteBIT reserves the right to change the WBT Owning and Holding rules at any time.


More information about WBT is available here.


If you have any questions, you can:

  • Submit a request on our website;
  • Email the Support Team at;
  • Contact us via chat by clicking the button at the bottom right of the screen.

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