WBT Unlocking

Private sale. A part of tokens in the amount of 54 million WBT was sold in a private sale at $1.62 per 1 WBT. These tokens were locked for 3 months, after which 20% of them were unlocked each month within 5 months.

The initial amount of private sale tokens (50-75 million) was limited to 54 million WBT to reduce the amount of unlocked tokens in the next rounds.

In addition to the amount of tokens sold in a private sale, 1 million WBT were added to WhiteBIT Launchpad as part of the IEO. These tokens will not be blocked.

Thus, the maximum total number of tokens in circulation during September will be 121 million WBT and 175 million WBT over the next 8 months.

25 million WBT have already been burned so that they are not counted in the outstanding stock. Transaction hash:


Unlocking Procedure. The remaining 200 million tokens will be allocated to special funds for the development of both WBT and the WhiteBIT project as a whole. They will be unlocked in the period of 3 years, starting with the final round of unlocking private sale tokens. The exact dates will be determined after the smart contract is deployed and will be included in future versions of this document.

Team and project tokens will be unlocked in the final round. Thus, the volume of the first three rounds will be about 60% of the treasury tokens, and in the final round – about 40%. The tokens allocated to the funds will be used in accordance with the funds' objectives.

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