Demo Token and its advantages

WhiteBIT Demo Token is a free virtual asset that can be used to learn how to trade on the exchange and try out various strategies.

What is Demo Token for?
• To get acquainted with WhiteBIT financial instruments with which you will trade. You can test each of them and find out how they work.
• To improve your technical skills. This is important, since you do not always have time to think about actions during real trading and quick reaction matters.
• To test your trading strategy. You can learn how your strategy will work, its benefits and drawbacks, and bring it to perfection.

Advantages of Demo Token:
• Its acquisition is just two clicks away.
• You do not have to buy it and you can use it for free.
• Maximum introduction with the functionality of the WhiteBIT exchange (including Limit, Market, Stop-Limit, Stop-Market).
• You can hone your trading skills, study the market features and tools, develop your trading strategy in comfortable conditions and without any risks.
• You can transfer it to other users of the exchange using WhiteBIT Codes, fast and without any fee.
• It does not have an expiration date.
• You do not risk real money.

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