How to get a Demo Token?

If you are a newcomer to the market and have never traded a cryptocurrency before, then start with a Demo Token. Using it is a perfect introduction to the WhiteBIT exchange and its functionality.

You need less than a minute to activate it. Let’s get started!

1. Go to the Codes page and press the Get Demo Token button.


2. You will see the panel with the Demo Token codes for DBTC and DUSDT (demo versions of Bitcoin and Tether, respectively) and the short guideline to their activation. Copy either of the codes and close the panel.


3. After that press the Activate Code button in the same menu. You will see the activation field for you Demo Token.


4. Paste the copied code in the field, press Activate (the code is not protected by a password) and solve CAPTCHA. Done!

Now you have a Demo Token on your main balance, and the activation of the code is displayed in the history. Repeat the process for the other Demo Token. As a result, you will have 0.5 DBTC and 1000 DUSDT on your balance. Remember that to start trading you should transfer funds from the main balance to the trade one.

After this, go to the Trade page to get acquainted with orders, the chart and tools. Remember that DBTC and DUSDT are demonstrative tokens and serve only for learning about the exchange and its functions; it is not possible to exchange them to a real cryptocurrency or national currency.

If you have any questions or face difficulties, reach out to us via the online chat or at

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