How to place an order from the app?

As mentioned in the article about order types on WhiteBIT, you can use any of them depending on your trading goals and strategies. Let's have a closer look at how to work with orders in the exchange's app.

Place an order.

Important: make sure that your funds are on the Trading Balance.


To place an order in the application, you need to go to the “Trade” section in the “Exchange” mode and select a pair of assets from the drop-down list in the upper left part of the screen.


You can also use the Markets tab. Use the search, select an available pair and click on it. You will be redirected to a page with a chart. From there, click Buy or Sell.


In the line below the Buy/Sell buttons, you can select the appropriate order from the offered ones (Limit, Market, Stop-limit, Stop-market) and enter the necessary data: price, number of coins/tokens (for stop orders, you can also enter the stop price). (The Total line will show the total amount).


Click the Buy/Sell button and then “Confirm” in the opened window.


Depending on the type of order, it will be executed immediately or when certain conditions are met (for Stop orders).

You can track its execution in the Orders tab directly on the Trade page.

Cancel an order.

To cancel an order in the application, use the corresponding cross icon to the right of the active order in the Orders section (the Trades page).

In the window that opens, confirm the order cancellation. (The funds reserved in the order will be returned to your Trading Balance).


Please note: you cannot cancel orders that have already been executed.

Questions that might arise.

Where can I see the order history in the app?

Information about all executed orders can be found in the History tab. You can access it in several ways:

  • From the main page of the application by clicking History – Trading – Orders.
  • From the Trading tab by clicking on the list icon on the right in the lower window.


I placed an order to buy 100 coins, but only 20 coins will be credited to me. Why?

A partial order execution has been triggered. Please wait until the order for the remaining coins is accepted.
You can cancel a partially executed order. However, only the unexecuted part of the order (it will be credited back to your balance). If your order has already been executed, it means that you have made a trade with another user, so you cannot cancel it.


I have placed an order, but it has not been accepted. At the same time, I see that buy orders with lower price have already been processed. Why?
All orders are accepted only by the exchange users. The site administration does not accept, control or interfere with trading on the exchange. If you want to speed up the execution of an order, you can cancel an open order and create a new one with a more competitive price.


Where can I see the buy orders?
All orders for a given trading pair are displayed in the order book on the “Trade” page.



What is the fee for placing and cancelling an order?
There is no fee for placing or cancelling an order. The fee is charged only for its execution. For more information on charges depending on the type of trade, please visit the Fees page.


I have never traded before, and I am afraid of losing money
To get acquainted with the trading functionality, we suggest using Demo tokens. Instructions for obtaining them can be found here.


I receive the message “The minimum price is…” when placing an order on margin and futures trading. What does it mean?
When trading on margin or futures, it is not possible to set a price for an asset less or more than 20% of the current price. This rule applies to Limit, Stop-Limit, and Stop-Market orders.


Why does the “Risk Warning” notification appear on the trading page for certain pairs?

This notification appears on the trading page for a certain pair that may be more risky to trade compared to other assets, for example:

  • If there is high volatility for this trading pair.
  • If there is a certain negative or overly positive background in relation to the asset.
  • If it is a new asset that has appeared on the exchange and is available for trading on other platforms for less than a month or not at all.


Didn't find an answer to your questions or encountered technical difficulties? Please contact our support team, describing the situation and providing screenshots if possible. To do this, you can:

  • Submit a request on our website;
  • Email the Support Team at;
  • Contact us via chat (in the WhiteBIT app, in the upper-left corner, go to the “Account” – “Support” section).

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