Decimal token (DECL)

What is a Decimal Token?

Centralized exchanges support a limited number of decimals in the asset price, and changing this parameter requires considerable effort. The maximum available asset price supported by WhiteBIT is up to 8 decimal places. Thus, the lowest price to trade is 0.00000001 USDT.

Limiting the number of supported decimals meant that it was not possible to trade tokens with a value less than 0.00000001 USDT on the exchange. We received many requests from unsupported price token communities that would like to be able to trade on WhiteBIT. Our team has provided a simple yet effective solution, such as the Decimal Token.

So, Decimal Token is a completely new intermediate asset, an exclusive (for the moment) internal off-chain token with a fixed price of 0.0001 USDT. Price stability is achieved with the help of liquidity provided by WhiteBIT in the order book.

Opening a trading pair with DECL allows you to trade any asset with a price up to 12 decimals in USDT equivalent. To make it easy for our users to buy and sell DECL, we have set a permanent zero trading commission for the DECL/USDT pair. Anyone can buy and sell DECL in a few clicks and at no additional cost.

How to use Decimal Token.

To use a Decimal Token as an intermediate asset for trading with other tokens below the set price, follow these steps:

  1. Make a USDT deposit on WhiteBIT: use the Buy Crypto function or make a deposit to an address in one of the available networks;
  2. Since DECL is not available for deposits and withdrawals, trade the DECL/USDT pair (the trading pair is easy to find in the “Stable” tab)  to get it or use the Exchange function;
  3. Buy the asset of your choice for DECL.

You can also sell an asset for DECL and then use the DECL/USDT trading pair to get USDT.


Done, you are ready to start trading with DECL right now!


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