Depositing a cryptocurrency from the site

For example, in order to deposit Tether US (USDT), click Balances in the main menu at the top and select "Total" or "Main". Find the currency by the ticker 'USDT' and click the "Deposit" button. In the deposit form select the network via which the deposit will be made, copy the deposit address (with a button or QR-code) and use it on the sending platform. Please pay attention to the minimum deposit amount and fee.

If you use the mobile application, go to the Wallet section (Exchange mode), find USDT and tap Deposit. Then act in accordance with the previous instructions.


Any deposit into your WhiteBIT account is shown in your history (Deposit tab) and the funds are deposited to your main balance.

Please pay attention to the following important points!

• In the deposit window, always check the list of networks (token standards, respectively) which are supported on WhiteBIT. You can also check the network explorer of each individual coin by clicking the chain icon next to the ticker.
• Make sure the network you are going to use for deposit matches the network supported on WhiteBIT.
• Make sure you copy the deposit address of the correct network.
• Do not forget about the minimum deposit amount and Fees.
• Remember that there is a memo (destination tag) for some currencies like Ripple (XRP) and Stellar (XLM). You will see it in the Your Memo field in the deposit window. Entering a memo on a sending platform is a prerequisite for your deposit to be credited.

Be careful, if you enter incorrect information while making a transaction, your assets may be irretrievably lost. Before making transactions, please make sure that the information you enter to send funds to your balance is correct.

Every cryptocurrency transaction requires a certain number of network confirmations; when it is reached, a deposit will be credited to your balance. You can find information about the required numbers of confirmations below, in the Number of Network Confirmations section.

We also suggest you to watch a video on how to make deposit to your balance using a Web3 wallet using the example of MetaMask.

If a deposit does not appear on your balance page please contact our support team by creating a Ticket on the website.
To make the processing easier, it should include:

• a topic;
• the e-mail you used to create your account;
• a problem/question;
• a transaction hash.

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