Depositing EUR via SEPA from the app

1. Navigation to the Balances page.

Go to the “Wallet” tab from the application’s main tab.



2. EUR SEPA provider selection.

Find the currency by the “EUR” ticker and click on it. Or select the “Deposit” option and choose EUR from the list of currencies.



Click on the “Deposit” button (screenshot 1), and choose the “SEPA transfer” provider in the deposit form (screenshot 2). Click on the “Continue” button. 



Screenshot 1



Screenshot 2


3. Deposit formation.

Enter the deposit amount in the “Amount” field and click the “Generate and send payment” button. Please note that the “I will receive” field will display the amount you will receive on your account balance after calculating the fee.




Important: Pay attention to the minimum (10 EUR) and maximum (14 500 EUR per day) deposit amounts and the fee of 0.2% of your deposit amount.


To send funds, copy invoice data from the “Payment sent” window and paste it into your banking application. Payment details are generated individually for each deposit.



Important: You have 7 days from the date of data generation to make the payment, after which it will be impossible to make a transfer. All funds sent will be returned to the bank.


4. Confirmation of the sender’s data.

Please note that the first and last names of the sender of the funds must match the first and last names provided in the payment details. Otherwise, the payment will not be credited. This means that the WhiteBIT account owner can make a deposit using EUR SEPA only if the first and last name specified in the KYC (identity verification) matches the first and last name of the account holder at the sending bank.


5. Transaction status monitoring.

To track the deposit status using our mobile app, you need to:


  • open the “Wallet” tab and click the “History” button;


  • Select the “Deposit” tab and find the transaction you want.



Important: It takes up to 7 business days for your deposit to be credited to your account. You should contact our support team if your balance has yet to be replenished after this period. To achieve this, you can:

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