Collateral weight

What is it

A weighted adjustment factor is applied to collateral assets for their collateral value. The Collateral Weight is specific to each Spot asset. To find up-to-date information on available assets, go to:

How do you determine the weight of an asset?

The collateral weight of each asset is determined depending on its liquidity, and other factors in the cryptocurrency market in general.

Why does the weight of each asset differ?

All assets have different liquidity in the order book. That is, when selling or buying an asset for 100,000 USDT (example), the price step will be 1% for some assets, and 99% for others. All assets that are available for margin trading at WhiteBIT are liquid, but even among them the liquidity index differs.

What will happen to my assets?

The spot value of your assets does not depend on the collateral weight. Only the available balance for margin/futures trading, and the available amount for Crypto Borrow changes.

How the available balance for trading is calculated

One asset on the balance.

  1. There are 1000 USDT on the balance. Collateral weight of USDT - 100%.

    Balance for trading = 1000 USDT

  2. There are 100 DOT (current DOT price = 5 USDT) on the balance. Collateral weight of DOT - 95%.

    Balance for trading = 0.95 * (100 DOT * 5) = 0.95 * 500 USDT = 475 USDT


Multiple assets on the balance

There are 500 USDT, 10 BCH (BCH price = 100 USDT), 10 LTC (LTC price = 90 USDT) on the balance.

Collateral weight:

USDT = 100%

BCH = 90%

LTC = 95%

Balance for trading = 500 USDT + (0,9 * 1000 USDT) + (0,95 * 900 USDT) =

= 500 USDT + 900 USDT + 855 USDT = 2255 USDT

Assets Collateral Weight

You can find up-to-date information on the Trading Rules page.


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