Deposit to WhiteBIT via Revolut in the application

1. Navigating to the deposit form in the app

Open the main page of the WhiteBIT app in the “Exchange” mode and click the “Deposit” button. You can also go to the deposit form through the “Wallet” — “Deposit” tab.




2. Currency Selection

Find the currency you want to deposit in the list or enter the currency ticker in the search bar. Click on the ticker of the chosen currency.




3. Provider Selection

In the open window, select deposit with a bank card (Checkout Visa/Mastercard) from the list of providers and click “Continue”.




Please note that if your Revolut card is added to your Google or Apple Wallet, you can pay with Google Pay and Apple Pay, respectively.

Important: deposit via Google Pay and Apple Pay is available for such currencies as PLN, EUR, and USD.




4. Fees

In the appropriate field, indicate the amount of your deposit. Pay attention to the daily deposit limit, as well as the deposit amount you will receive, taking the fee into account the fee. Then click the “Add credit card and proceed” button.




Important: the fee depends on the country of issuance of your Revolut card. We recommend familiarizing yourself with the minimum deposit amount information by clicking the icon next to the fee percentage.




5. Adding and Saving a Revolut Card

In the “Payment Details” window, fill in the fields with your Revolut card information. If necessary, activate the “Save card” slider to use it for future deposits. Click the “Proceed” button.




6. Deposit Confirmation

You will be redirected to the Revolut app to confirm the deposit. Please confirm the payment.


7. Payment Verification

To check the deposit details, go to the “Wallet” section in the WhiteBIT app and select the “History” icon.




In the “Deposits” tab, you will have access to your transaction details.




If you encounter any issues or have any questions while depositing on WhiteBIT via Revolut, please get in touch with our support team. You can:

  • Submit a request on our website;
  • Email the Support Team at;
  • Contact us via chat (in the WhiteBIT app, in the upper-left corner, go to the “Account” - “Support” section).

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