How to Make a Deposit on WhiteBIT via Nixmoney E-wallet?

NixMoney is the first payment system that supports Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and operates in the anonymous TOR network. With NixMoney e-wallet, you can quickly top up your WhiteBIT balance in EUR and USD national currencies. 


To top up your WhiteBIT account with NixMoney e-wallet, do the following:

  1. On the WhiteBIT website, go to the “Balances” page; 
  2. Click “Deposit”;
  3. Select the national currency, for example, EUR;
  4. Select NixMoney e-wallet as a provider;
  5. Specify the amount of money to deposit. You will see how much money will be credited to the exchange's balance, including the fee;


  1. Click “Continue.”


Next, you will be directed to the provider's page, where you have to log in to your NixMoney account to make a deposit. 

Check your wallet details and click “Pay.”


You have sent funds to your balance. Click “Next” to return to the WhiteBIT balances page.


Here, you will be able to see the successful transfer of the asset to the exchange from your NixMoney e-wallet. 


You can always see the status of your deposit on the “History” page.


And the replenishment fee is only 1%.


Note! NixMoney wallet cannot be funded directly from a card. You can top up your balance on the WhiteBIT exchange via NixMoney if you already have EUR or USD on it.


Top up your balance now!

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