Problems with WhiteBIT emails delivery?

Didn't receive an email from WhiteBIT or can't find a withdrawal confirmation email from WhiteBIT?

The emails may be sent into your Spam and Promotions folders – double-check these folders in your email.

Please note: if emails from WhiteBIT were found in your Spam or Promotions folder, you should:

  1. Select all emails from WhiteBIT founded in these folders.
  2. Right-click on the selected emails to mark them as “Not Spam” or “Important” and move them to your Inbox.

We also recommend you to add our email addresses to your contact list, trusted sender list or whitelist in your email settings so that you don't face these difficulties in the future.


Our email addresses are:  - for technical information about your account. - to receive current news of the exchange. - to contact the technical support of the exchange.


In case of any questions related to receiving letters, functionality of the exchange, you can:

  • Submit a request on our website;
  • Email the Support Team at;
  • Contact us via online chat using button at the bottom right of the screen.

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