WhiteBIT VIP program

VIP program gives its members the opportunity to get a discount of up to 100% (depending on VIP level) on trading fees and participate in exclusive trading tournaments, as well as provides priority support for any queries and offers VIP users the assistance of a personal VIP manager, ready to help 24/7!

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VIP levels

The VIP level determines the discount on the maker and taker trading fees. The VIP level is calculated in the range from 1 to 10.

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VIP level is determined by two parameters – trading volume for 30 days and account balance, both of which are calculated in USDT equivalent. Getting the 1st VIP level and moving to the next levels is automatic when two conditions are fulfilled: reaching certain levels of trading volume and average balance.

Important: only spot and margin trading are included in the trading volume. Futures trading is not taken into account.

The VIP level is determined by the lowest level to which the trading volume and average balance indicators correspond.

Example: if the average balance value corresponds to level 5 (≥50,000 USDT, <100,000 USDT) and the trading volume value corresponds to level 2 (≥250,000 USDT, <500,000 USDT), the user will be assigned VIP level 2.

How do I get VIP status?

If your monthly trading volume on the spot and/or margin market exceeds the equivalent of 100,000 USDT and you have at least 10,000 USDT equivalent on your Main, Trading and/or Collateral balance — you qualify for Level 1 of our VIP program and receive VIP status. Discounts and other benefits for you will start automatically!


Please note: The trading volume and balance of Sub-accounts are counted/added to calculate VIP level of the main account.

How is the trading volume calculated?

Trading volume is summarized for all days of a calendar month. To keep VIP status, the minimum trading volume on spot and margin trading markets must be equal to or exceed 100,000 USDT.

Note: trading volume in assets other than USDT is converted to USDT equivalent.

How is the average balance measured?

To determine the average balance during the month, snapshots of the available funds on the Main, Trading and Collateral balances are taken randomly. Then, the total amount of funds in the snapshots of these balances is divided by the total number of days they were taken.

Please note that when calculating the average balance and trading volume on the WhiteBIT balances mentioned above, all assets are taken into account except those that have been removed from the exchange or are in Crypto Lending plans.

Important: if an asset is removed from the exchange in the middle of the month, this asset will be used for calculation only until the moment of its removal.

When do the discounts apply?

Discounts start automatically from the moment the user receives VIP level 1 - that is, when the user reaches the minimum indicators for participation in the VIP program, specified in the table. When a user reaches the trading volume and average balance indicators corresponding to a higher level within a month, a new level is automatically assigned to the user. New discounts will be applied within the next 24 hours.

Note: if one of the user's indicators drops to the previous level, the current discounts will continue until the end of the month, and from the first day of the next month (at 01:00 UTC) the VIP level will be recalculated.

Transferring a level from another exchange.

Are you new to WhiteBIT, but were previously actively trading on another exchange? No problem! In this case, you can become a member of our VIP program as soon as possible, using the procedure of transferring your rates from another exchange.

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To switch from another exchange and become a member of the WhiteBIT VIP program, you need to confirm your monthly trading volume and balance. To do this, simply fill out the VIP application form by entering your name, email, messenger contacts and your trading volume and balance on the other exchange. Our specialists will contact you as soon as possible to coordinate the details and confirm your new status on our exchange.

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Once your application has been approved, you will be assigned a VIP level that matches your score for one month. VIP status privileges will be available immediately upon level assignment.

Important: The recalculation will take place on the first day of the following calendar month at the end of the monthly accrual period, so you should meet the minimum VIP program requirements to maintain VIP status.


If you have any questions, you can:

  • Submit a request on our website;
  • Email the Support Team at support@whitebit.com;
  • Write to the chat using the button in the lower right corner of the screen.

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