What is Passkey and how to enable it?

Passkey is a unique identifier that is used to confirm the legitimacy of your actions within the system (exchange). 

This identifier is another method for two-factor verification and functions on the same level as the familiar TOTP (Time-based One-Time Password) authentication, which works with Google Authenticator or another similar application.

Each device or platform that can act as an authenticator generates two keys: private and public.

  • The public key is a unique identifier of the authenticator and is used to identify the key within the service on which it will be used, in our case on the WhiteBIT exchange;
  • The private key is stored exceptionally in the authenticator and is not available to anyone; used for confirmation.

We highly recommend enabling two-factor authentication (2FA) to ensure security and prevent any potential unauthorized access to your account.

What can be used as a passkey?

Various devices, platforms, software can be used as a passkey:

Devices on platforms:

  • Android, starting from version 9.0;
  • iOS, starting from version 17.4;
  • iPadOS, starting from version 17.4;
  • macOS, starting from version 13.0.


  • Chrome;
  • Firefox;
  • Safari;
  • Opera.


  • Password managers, for example: 1Password, Bitwarden and others.

Physical keys:

  • Yubico devices and others.


  • iCloud.

    Please note: we recommend using physical keys if possible, as they are the most secure.

Also, some of the software or devices may not work correctly.

If you encounter any problems while using passkey, for example, you set up passkey, but it does not work, please contact our support team using any method convenient for you from the list at the bottom of this article.

How to set up a passkey in the web version of our exchange?

To enable it in the web version, follow a few simple steps:

1. Log in to your WhiteBIT account and go to Account Settings and Security;

2. Select the "Two-Factor Authentication" section by clicking on the "Edit" button;

3. Click "Manage Passkeys" and then "Continue";

4. Register a passkey by selecting one of the authentication methods;

5. Confirm your passkey with the chosen method.

Please note: creation of passkeys is limited to 5 units at a time, and it is possible to create multiple keys using one method for authentication.

Passkey (2FA) features

Passkey can be used for the same functionality as TOTP:

  • Authorization;
  • Withdrawal of funds (including P2P Express and withdrawal to a WB card);
  • WB-code creation;
  • Creating and deleting an API key and webhook;
  • Turning the Whitelist on and off, adding and removing an address from the Whitelist;
  • Adding and removing anti-phishing code;
  • Linking and unlinking a web3 wallet;
  • Buying a Gift Card;
  • Account deleting.

You can also use passkey to verify the addition and removal of TOTP, and vice versa, TOTP to add and remove passkeys.

Please note: with the passkey enabled, when using the functionality from the list above (except for withdrawal to a WB card), a confirmation code from email will not be requested.

What will happen if you change your password or completely disable 2FA on your account?

If you change your password or completely disable 2FA (both types: Passkey and TOTP), certain functionality will be blocked for 72 hours. This functionality includes withdrawal of funds (including P2P Express), creation of WB Codes, and purchase of Gift Cards. 

You will also receive an email notification informing you of account changes made and alerting you to the restrictions within 72 hours.

If 2FA is turned off and then turned back on in a moment, the above features will still be limited for 72 hours. 


Our top priority is ensuring the security of our users' data and funds.

What should I do if I lose access to my two-factor authentication application?

If you have lost access to 2FA, be sure to contact our support team using any method convenient for you from the list below.


In case of any questions related to your account, trading or exchange functionality, you can:

  • Leave a request on our website;
  • Write to our support e-mail: support@whitebit.com;
  • Write to the chat using the button in the lower right corner of the screen.

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