How to enable аnti-phishing?

The Anti-Phishing Code is a code of your choice, known only to you. It will be included in all genuine emails from WhiteBIT. The Anti-Phishing Code helps distinguish legitimate emails from phishing emails and helps prevent fraudulent activity.

To enable the Anti-Phishing Code, you can follow this link and continue with step 3 or use the instructions below.


  1. Log in to your account, select the Profile icon, and select “Security” from the drop-down menu.

[5349] IMG EN Anti-phishing 1 FINAL CF.png


  1. Find the “Anti-Phishing” section and click the “Edit” button.

[5349] IMG EN Anti-phishing 2 FINAL CF.png


  1. Then click the “Continue” button.

[5349] IMG EN Anti-phishing 3 FINAL CF.png


  1. Then enter the desired Anti-Phishing Code.

The code must be between 4 and 20 characters long and must not contain any special characters. Choosing a code that is not easy to guess but easy to recognize is recommended.

[5349] IMG EN Anti-phishing 4 FINAL CF.png


  1. Click “Save” and enter the 2FA code if enabled. Congratulations, you're all set!

[5349] IMG EN Anti-phishing 5 FINAL CF.png


To check how it works, log back into your account. Now, every email from WhiteBIT will contain your Anti-Phishing Code. Thus, you will be sure that the information comes from the exchange's official website.


You can always change the Anti-Phishing Code in the same menu.



In case of any difficulties or any queries while enabling an activation code, please contact our support team. To do so, you can:

  • Leave an inquiry on our website;
  • Write to our support email:;
  • Contact us via live chat by clicking on the button in the bottom right corner of the screen.

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