Depositing national currency from the site

Each national currency is deposited separately on the "Total" or "Main" balance page. In the line with the ticker of a coin, you will see the corresponding buttons Deposit and Withdrawal.

Let's try to make a deposit!

In order to deposit US dollars (USD), for example, click Balances in the main menu at the top and then select "Total" or "Main". Find the currency by the ticker 'USD' and click on the Deposit button. In the deposit form, check and select the payment system through which the deposit will be made, enter the amount to be deposited (the fee will be deducted from it) and click Request. You will be automatically redirected to the page for payment through the payment system. Then use the prompts on that page.



Funds transfer is very fast. Pay attention that if the status of your deposit in the history is "Unconfirmed by user", make sure that you have successfully completed all stages of the transaction. If you are sure it is so and your funds were withdrawn but did not reach your balance, please contact our support (via e-mail, chat or ticket) and we will check the information further and provide you with appropriate recommendations.

You can check payment systems, fees and minimum deposits on the Fees page.

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