What benefits do I get from trading futures?

Low fees
Our platform has set fees for futures trading much lower than on the spot market.

High potential income
When trading futures you can use leverage, on our exchange you can choose leverage up to 20x. This allows you to gain access to an asset by paying only a part of its value.

Risk management
Futures contracts are a great way to back up your trading portfolio.
For example, you buy some $5,000 worth of an asset, expecting it to grow. And you can open a short position for just $500, using 10x leverage to hedge it. You'll risk $500 on futures if you don't close your position early, but if the price falls, you'll make money on it and protect yourself from your portfolio sagging. And if the market swings both ways, you can make money on every market movement.

Flexible trading strategies
You can make money even in a falling market by hedging your portfolio with small amounts, and you can make money on small price fluctuations with leverage.

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