OCO order

OCO (One Cancels The Other) allows you to place a combination of two orders at the same time. It combines the limit order with a stop-limit, on condition that only one of them will be executed.

The feature of this order is that as soon as one of the orders is partially or completely executed, the second order is automatically canceled. Please note that the cancellation of one order will cause the cancellation of the other.

While trading on our exchange, you can use OCO orders to automate trades and manage risk.

Advantages of OCO order.

An OCO order is a simple but powerful tool that helps users trade in a safer and more flexible manner.

It allows you to place two orders at the same time, which can be useful for fixing profits and minimizing potential losses.

Before using OCO orders, we recommend that you familiarize yourself thoroughly with how limit and stop-limit orders work.

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