Crypto Lending: a guide to managing plans in an app

Opening a crypto lending plan is a safe and convenient way to make guaranteed profits on the exchange. You can read more about Crypto Lending in the article.

How do I open the plan in the app?

To open a plan, first make sure the funds are in the Main Balance.

  1. Tap the Crypto Lending tab on the main application screen.

  1. Select an asset from the list. 

  1. Next, you need to select a plan, specify the amount and tap Confirm.

Please note that for each asset there is a minimum and maximum deposit amount, these amounts are shown in the window of the selected asset. In case you do not have enough funds to select a plan, you can deposit funds without closing this window. It is also important to remember that once you open a plan, you cannot deposit additional funds.

  1. In the opened window, you will see the terms and conditions of the selected plan. Click the Confirm button.

Done, the plan is open!

You can check information about open plans in the Wallet tab, Earn section.

Please note: the plan will be closed automatically. Interest is credited to the Main Balance upon expiry of the term specified in the terms and conditions.

How do I close a plan early in the app?

You can close the plan before the specified term, the funds will be returned to the Main Balance, but you will not receive interest for keeping them. 

To close an active plan early, you need to:

  • Go to the Crypto Lending page. 
  • In the Active Plans tab, you need to find the plan you want to close.
  • Click the Close Plan button.

When the plan is closed, the funds will automatically return to the Main Balance without earned interest.


What is the difference between Crypto Lending and Staking?

Crypto Lending is an alternative to a bank deposit, but in cryptocurrency and with more features. You store your cryptocurrency on WhiteBIT, and the exchange uses your assets in margin trading.

At the same time, by investing your cryptocurrency in Staking, you participate in various network functions in exchange for a reward (fixed or in the form of interest). Your cryptocurrency becomes part of the Proof-of-Stake process, meaning it provides verification and protection for all transactions without the involvement of a bank or payment processor and you get rewarded for it.

Please note that only the Crypto Lending feature is currently available on the exchange. All available plans can be found here.

The Staking feature is planned to be added in the next updates.


How are the payments being ensured and where is the guarantee that I will receive anything?

By opening a plan, you provide liquidity to the exchange by partially contributing to its funding. This liquidity is used to engage traders. Cryptocurrency funds that users store on WhiteBIT in Crypto Lending provide margin and futures trading on our exchange. And users trading with leverage pay a fee to the exchange. In return, depositors earn a profit in the form of interest, this is the commission that traders pay for using leveraged assets.

Crypto Lending of assets that do not participate in margin trading are secured by the projects of these assets.

We also emphasize that security is the foundation of our service. 96% of assets are stored in cold wallets, and WAF ("Web Application Firewall") blocks hacker attacks, ensuring the safe storage of your funds. We have developed and are constantly improving an advanced monitoring system to prevent incidents, for which we have received a high cybersecurity rating from


What are the periods of plans?

Currently, there are periods of 10, 20, 30, 90, 180 and 360 days. Interest rates for each period are different, i.e. two 180-day periods are not equal to one 360-day period. Thus, it will be more profitable to use the period for a longer term.


How is income accrued?

Income is credited at the time of plan closure. If you terminate the plan early, no income will be credited.


Can I renew my Crypto Lending plan?

Unfortunately, you can't automatically renew your plan, but you can open a new one.


Can I open more than one plan for the same asset at the same time?

You can open more than one plan for the same asset, but only for different periods (if there is an option to select a period for the asset).


Can I add funds to an already opened plan?

Sadly, no. But you can easily open another one for the same asset, just for a different period (if there is an option to choose a period for the asset).


Can I make an investment in Staking now?

Staking cryptocurrencies are currently in development, but you can sign up for updates and be notified when Staking goes live on WhiteBIT. That way you can be one of the first to invest in Staking.


In case of any questions related to Crypto Lending plans, you can:

  • Leave a request on our website;
  • Write to the support e-mail:;
  • Contact us via chat (in the WhiteBIT app, go to “Account”—“Support” in the upper left corner).

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