How does Convert work?

The Exchange (Convert) function, which was called Quick Exchange, allows you to swiftly and effortlessly exchange one currency for another!

In order to make an exchange, you need to register on the exchange, log in to your account and pass identity verification (KYC). 


Please note: while using the Exchange functionality, your funds can be on both the Trade and Main balances. During the process, the total value from both balances will be displayed and as a result of the exchange, the funds will be credited to the Main Balance.


At the moment, there are two ways to go to the Convert: 

  1. This section is available on the main page of the exchange

[5349] IMG Convert UA 1 FINAL CF.png


  1. Or go to the "Convert" page in the "Trading" section in the upper left corner of the screen.

[5349] IMG Convert UA 2 FINAL CF.png


You will see two fields: “Give” (the amount and currency you wish to exchange) and “Receive” (the amount and currency you want to receive).

[5349] IMG Convert UA 3 FINAL CF.png


As soon as you click on the field “Give” – you can choose the currency for payment. If you need to replenish the balance of this currency, you can do it just by clicking the “Deposit” button in this window. 


It is important to note that there is a limit for one-time exchange - up to 50 000 USDT. There are no restrictions on the number of attempts.


Please note that the currencies you have on your balance are displayed first in the list. You can also see the most popular currencies under the ticker or currency name field. Going to the "Recently" tab in the same window, you can immediately select the pair in which you have recently made an exchange.

[5349] IMG Convert UA 4 FINAL CF.png


Similarly, next, you need to select the currency in the “Receive” field. After that, you will have the opportunity to enter the amount you want to give. The amount in the “Receive” field is calculated automatically and may change, depending on the exchange rate, so be careful.

[5349] IMG Convert UA 5 FINAL CF.png


Important: by clicking on the arrow icon under the amount in the "Give" field you will be able to see the desired amount in USDT equivalent.

[5349] IMG Convert UA 6 FINAL CF.png


Consider, the exchange can be less in the amount of funds, but not more. There is also an opportunity not to enter the value manually, but to press “Use max.” and the window will immediately display the amount of the selected currency, which you have on your balance (main and trade).

Under the “Receive” window, you can see the current rate of the selected pair, which is updated every 10 seconds. After clicking on the “Buy” button, you will see a confirmation window with the forward and reverse exchange rate. You will have 10 seconds to click the “Accept” button, after which it changes to the Refresh quote (according to the exchange rate) option.

After clicking Accept, the exchange is successfully completed! You can check the transaction in History - Trade Balance - Convert or at the link:


Important: you have an opportunity to make an exchange even if there is no direct trading pair! 


If you can't find a direct pair, a cross-conversion in other pairs will be processed.

Convert to WBT

On the Trade Balance page, you can find the function to exchange any assets under 5 USDT into WBT.

[5349] IMG Convert UA 7 FINAL CF.png


This button is available on the top panel near the ticker or name search field. After clicking, you will see a confirmation window. After clicking the “Confirm” button, an automatic asset exchange will take place and the received WBTs will be displayed on your Trade Balance.

[5349] IMG Convert UA 8 FINAL CF.png


You can check the transaction in History - Trade Balance - Convert or following the link:

API Convert

Now it is also possible to exchange using the API, as endpoints are available for converting one currency to another. The required parameters are "from", "to", "direction", "amount":

  • "from" is the currency you want to give; 
  • "to" is the currency you want to receive;. 
  • "direction" is the direction of conversion, the parameter determines in which currency the "Amount" field will be filled in. If you are specifying an amount in the currency you wish to receive, use "to". For the amount in the currency you wish to give, select "from".
  • "amount" is the amount you want to give or receive.


You can also use endpoints to confirm the exchange and view your Transaction History. You can learn more in the technical manual, where all actions are described step-by-step and with examples. 


Please note: you need to enable two-factor authentication to use the API. To learn more about WhiteBIT API, we recommend reading the corresponding article

Extended documentation regarding the API exchange functionality is available in the public software repository on GitHub.


If you have any questions or problems when making an exchange, you can provide detailed information and screenshots regarding your request in any convenient way:


  • leave a request on our website;
  • contact our support via e-mail;
  • contact us via online chat by clicking the button in the bottom right corner of the screen.

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