After registration on WhiteBIT exchange, each user has access to 5 types of Balance pages: Total, Main, Trade, Collateral and Earn Balance.

When you make a deposit, all the assets go to your Main Balance. To start trading, you need to transfer them to your Trade Balance (or Collateral Balance if you want to start margin or futures trading). These balances are explicitly created to separate the assets and make the process of trading even more comfortable.

Total balance contains general information of all balances, it is always shown in USDT, as an equivalent the value is displayed in BTC.
In the total balance section, you can make deposits and withdrawals, and if deposits/withdrawals of a certain currency is closed, it is possible to subscribe/unsubscribe in order to receive notifications when they are available again.

Main balance is for depositing and withdrawing cryptocurrency and national currency. If you have balance on your account, you can create a code and open a Crypto Lending plan on the very same page (only with the coins/tokens available for plan opening).

You can find your funds on the Main balance:

• after depositing;
• before withdrawing;
• after interest for referrals accrued;
• before creating a WhiteBIT code;
• after activating a WhiteBIT code;
• before opening a Crypto Lending plan;
• after a Crypto Lending plan is closed or ended.

Trade balance is intended solely for non-margin trading (placing orders), as well as for the currency exchange.

There are 3 buttons in the line to the right of an asset:

• "Trade": to go to the trading page;
• "Transfer": to make a transfer between balances;
• "Exchange": to quickly exchange currencies at the market price.

In order to start trading, you need to transfer the necessary amount of funds from the Main balance to the Trade balance.
Using the “History” section next to the “Buy crypto” button, you can check the history of your trading transactions.

Collateral balance is total balance for margin and futures trading. The currencies only available for margin and futures trading are displayed. In order to start trading with 1x, 2x, 3x, 5x, 10x or 20x leverage or use futures trading, you need to transfer the necessary amount of funds from the Main or Trade balance to the Collateral balance.


Earn balance is intended to store and display the funds used for Cryptodeposit.

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